By day…

I’m the good guy by day, the respectable part.

I’m Dr Sweetooth, a well mannered dentist with a good heart.

I’ll excite you with my delights until you have a big grin.

They’re just so good, you’ll have to give in.

Hand-made with honey and almonds, and nothing unkind.

They’re the sweetest treats you’ll ever find,

So embrace the joy, don’t be shy,

When Dr Sweetooth has you, kiss resistance goodbye.



Through mastery, Nougat has become a flagship product. Our Nougat is made in the French style; slightly chewy without being sticky.

Only the finest ingredients are sourced and incorporated into our products to ensure a consistently superior product. Candy-making is an art that requires precision.

During our process, temperatures and timing must be perfect for each batch to meet our standards. Every hand-made piece is hand-cut and packed by hand before it makes its way into your hands.

Please note that as we never use preservatives, we need to ship on ice and the next day.


South African Sweets

Missing South African Fudge and Crunchies???


Dr. Sweetooth

began his culinary journey as a Doctor in Los Angeles, California.

While practicing dentistry, Dr. Sweetooth moonlit as a confectioner making candy in his kitchen as a way to enjoy the tastes of his South African youth.

This passion to perfect the original texture and flavors of his youth has resulted in a collection of superlative sweets.


By night…

I’m the bad guy by night, the villainous part.

I’m Dr. Sweetooth, a twisted villain with a wicked heart.

I’ll entice you with my sweets, the temptation will win.

They’re just so good, they’re practically a sin.

Hand-made with honey and almonds, they’ll take over your mind.

They’re the sweetest treats that will have your heart in a bind.

So embrace the joy, don’t ask why

When Dr Sweetooth has you, kiss resistance goodbye.



Dr. Sweetooth's Original Creation:

12 Sinful Centers of flavored Nougat covered in our signature 70% dark Chocolate. Hazelnut, Salted Macadamia nut and salted Almond/ Pistachio in the nut section. 5 fruit flavors as well as coconut and a spicy version. Dr. Sweetooths favorite...Salted Marcona Almond in a salted Rosemary center covered in chocolate...Shockingly good.